Community Garden

Beginning in 2008 with the Garden Collective, Arizona has become home to hundreds of community gardens, many of which can be found in parks and neighborhoods across the state.  The practice of community gardening, whether inspired by the desire to transform outdoor space or contribute to healthier lifestyles, is now deeply rooted in modern culture.

The Community Gardens program provides guidance, support and resources to dozens of community garden groups across the state and now in California, Colorado and New Mexico. From helping maintain beautifully landscaped perennial beds to managing your own plot of vegetables, there are a wide range of opportunities available for those who wish to become involved in the vibrant gardening movement.  

There are currently nearly 170 community gardens spread throughout Arizona. The gardens vary greatly in size, style and function. From large pots of flowers to carefully planned landscapes, many of the community gardens are ornamental and focus on growing native plants, shrubs and beautiful annual and perennial flowers. The “edible” gardens feature a variety of opportunities, including allotment plot gardening, pantry gardening and children’s learning gardens. Welcoming people with a range of interests and experience levels, there are many opportunities to volunteer in one of the many gardens found in Arizona. 


Bill & Anne Shapiro

Lifelong gardeners who always grew their own produce, wanted to share their knowledge with their neighbors.

Dina Mirez

With a pension for non-profits, Dina used her skills as a paralegal to bring the organization to reality. She also loves her blackberry garden.

Frank Stout

A retired landscape contractor donates his heavy equipment, irrigation skills and pretty much everything else to keep each new garden well managed.


A usual fixture at the original garden site, Russel keeps the squirrels away, likes to play in the hose, and is always up for a ball throw.